Patrick Dysart AdvDipFinPlan

Pat Dysart has been in financial services all his life and has spent many years identifying client needs and developing ethical and successful solutions that enable his clients to achieve goals that improve their life and financial wellbeing. In his role as a registered financial adviser, he has an advanced diploma of financial planning and is on track to completing his Master’s degree; whilst also authorised to provide advice on SMSF and Pat is a registered tax (financial) adviser with Tax Practitioners Board membership.

Pats key feature is his ability to understand what a client needs and how to achieve and implement a plan that is simple but yet extremely effective and that works. He prides himself in always being available for you and supporting you with your financial expectations. He has managed and personally developed multiple investment portfolios that add up to many millions of dollars; he is an expert in personal insurance matters and cash flow/ budgeting strategies; and, has a very comprehensive understanding of debt and debt management strategies. Pat has the life experience that will enable you to relate to his advice in a friendly and supportive manner.

Apart from his love of financial services, he is a family man with three adult children, enjoys the outdoors and loves his sport.le