Ascend your Wealth with us


Let us help guide your financial ascent

The Ascentia Financial Group are a team of professional financial planning guides to help you navigate all the difficult aspects of the financial landscape.  Our team of specialists will be with you every step of the way guiding your wealth ascension and achievement of your financial and lifestyle goals.

We are here to help guide everyday Australians, professionals, companies and institutions.  We understand your financial journey is full of different landscapes, choices and opportunities.  Our guides will help and support the decisions you make along the way to ensure your future prosperity and your family’s wealth into the future.

A good guide also understands where you want to go. We offer holistic financial planning embracing the latest technologies to help you reach the pinnacle of your life.  Take the first step with us, and get ready to enjoy the view.

Where are you headed?

We earn your trust

Mountaineers need the proper attire such as boots, backpacks and windbreakers.  Similarly, you need the right foundations so we can guide you towards achieving your specific financial goals and objectives within your comfort level.

Once the foundations are set, we will share the compass and navigate all the different landscapes and weather conditions together; earning more and more of your trust with every step.

We are ethically and legally bound to serve you with transparency and integrity. We are fully committed to your journey, your fulfilment, and your peace of mind. And we’re ready to walk the extra mile for you.

We take time to understand your aspirations.

At the Ascentia Financial Group, we take pride in truly understanding our clients and forging personal relationships. We dig deep into your objectives, your current financial strategies, and your tolerance for risk. We discuss your values, the important people in your life and the impact you want to have on the world. We explore how you can align your financial planning to support the things and people you care about. We set you on the right path and help you reach a greater height of life satisfaction with the Ascentia guides.


Financial Planning Navigation

Like the jagged rocks in Madagascar, financial planning can also be very difficult to navigate.

Financial planning covers such a vast scope of financial matters such as building your superannuation, minimising your tax, protecting your loved ones, protecting your income, dealing with your pension, paying off debt, building up your savings and investing for the future.

All of these matter and they all have their time and place in your overall strategy.  The good news is you don’t have to attend to it all at once. There’s a natural order to financial planning and we’ll guide you through it.

How we can help

The Ascentia Financial Group are specialists in all things financial.
We can help guide you through any financial circumstance no matter how complex or simple it may be.
Below are some of the common advice matters we assist with:

  • Superannuation strategies

    Such as rollovers, consolidation of funds, prudent investment structuring, contributions, superannuation conditions of release, withdrawals, self-managed superannuation (SMSF), etc

  • Pension & retirement strategies

    To ease into and/or fund retirement such as transition to retirement, account-based pensions, annuities, refreshes, commutations, prudent investment structuring, etc.

  • Social security strategies

    To explore legitimate ways to maximise your social security such as the Age Pension.

  • Portfolio construction

    Building a customised diversified portfolio that correlates to your needs, goals and investment risk tolerance.

  • Investment strategies

    Including saving for your family, children’s education, first home or other lifestyle need. Building your wealth with prudent investment structuring, dollar cost averaging, etc.

  • Tax planning strategies

    To explore legitimate ways to minimise the tax you pay.

  • Cash flow strategies

    To harness the power of your cash flow and accelerate your progression towards achieving your goals.

  • Debt strategies

    Such as recycling your debt from non-tax deductible to tax deductible and various other strategies to help pay off your loans faster.

  • Wealth protection strategies

    Such as life, total and permanent disability (TPD), critical illness (trauma), income protection insurance, estate planning, etc.