About Us

Who is Ascentia Financial Group?

Ascentia Financial Group brings together decades of experience in the financial services industry with a team of like-minded ethical professionals providing our clients an alternative and innovative approach to financial planning. 

Our approach is unique and represents a visible focus on low cost, high quality solutions where our highly qualified and accredited financial advisers will focus on your complete financial position through the facilitation of a living financial plan.

We provide holistic financial planning solutions covering all areas of financial advice to help our clients build and protect their wealth, enjoy their retirement and administer their estate as per their wishes.

We Care About Relationships

Ascentia Financial Group clients also enjoy associated benefits such as access to our comprehensive range of products and services, our cutting edge technologies, our well-established relationships with leading fund managers; and of course, access to our expert financial advisers who will help you navigate all things financial from a simple question to a comprehensive adjustment to your living financial plan. 

At Ascentia, we don’t just build wealth, we care about building relationships.

Your financial strength is the cornerstone of our success

Yes, that’s right.  We share the highs and the lows with you.  We will be here in your time of need and we will share the good news stories with you throughout your financial life journey.

“Investment strategies should never be set in stone. We believe in being nimble and adaptable to your changing journey.”

Embracing Technology

At Ascentia we believe in embracing technology to reduce costs, increase transparency and provide real-time updates.

Recent advances in technology and the integration we now see between different software packages are transforming the financial services industry.  This has never been seen before as provides you ease of access to your adviser and our team.  Along with real time reporting on bank accounts, credit cards, property reports and of course superannuation. Our partnering with industry leading money managers with decades of market experience and outperformance means our advisers can focus solely on you.

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