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Our financial planning guides will help improve your financial position and put you in a better position to achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives. 

After learning about what is important to you, we will put together tailored strategies and a living financial plan that will navigate challenging terrain and side step unnecessary risk.

We will also ensure your financial plan reflects your broader life plan. We take a holistic approach and will guide you through wealth accumulation, retirement planning, tax strategies, risk mitigation, estate planning and more, so each step is a step forward.

Holistic Financial Planning

At Ascentia, we use cutting-edge technology to help create, deliver and implement tailored living financial plans for each client.

Holistic financial planning takes the uncertainty out of your financial future. We also appreciate that ‘being wealthy’ is about more than money so we dig deeper to get a comprehensive view of what our clients want out of life.

Superannuation Planning

Superannuation is a federally endorsed structure to save for and fund retirement in Australia.  As such, if it is structured appropriately it can not only maximise investment returns within your comfort level, but it can also be extremely tax effective.

Given the significant superannuation tax incentives available and the mandated employer contribution regime, superannuation planning often forms part of the foundation for a holistic living financial plan.

Ascentia’s financial planning guides are experts in all  superannuation matters.

Investment Planning

Whether you are saving for a raining day, your children’s education, a home or any other purpose; your objectives and risk tolerance level are unique, so your investment strategy needs to reflect your individual financial goals.

 For the same reason you wouldn’t go hiking in the woods and then go home and look at a map, we consider your objective and risk “map” first, overly this with tax and cost considerations and then tailor your investment strategy to fit. 

We use a continual planning process to update your living financial plan based on achievement of goals and milestones.

Retirement Planning

Retirement can mean 20 to 30 years without the financial security of regular income for many Australians.  As such, the strategic decisions in the lead up to and during your retirement are really important to help make the most of your super and other savings to ensure you can enjoy your desired retirement lifestyle.

Ascentia’s financial planning guides are specialists when it comes to planning for and funding retirement income.  

We will help set the foundations for you and be there for you at each step and turn, providing you peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy your deserved retirement lifestyle.  


Cash Flow & Tax

One of the fundamental building blocks for wealth creation and long-term financial security is spending less than you earn. 

A budget often feels like an imposing restriction on all non-vital spending.  However, it doesn’t need to be.  Our financial planning guides will help you to still have fun whilst identifying ways to improve your budget and actively reduce your debt and grow your wealth through tactical investment strategies. 

Our holistic financial advice incorporates legal strategies to minimise tax, maximise your tax deductions and offsets, managing pensions and utilising your superannuation to reduce your tax liabilities.

Essentially, our advisers will help you remove the bricks from your back pack so you can run up the mountain!


Debt Planning

Whether it is too much credit card debt or a desire to own your home before you retire, our financial advisers work with accredited lenders to put together a comprehensive debt plan that can potentially wipe years and save you many thousands of dollars.

In conjunction with cash flow management harnessing your surplus cash flow, we can also show you a sensible strategy to allow you to build an investment portfolio while reducing your mortgage at the same time.

Once your cashflow and debts are under control, we can explore options with you if suitable to develop a tax-effective investment strategy to help you leverage your wealth creation.

Contact our financial planning guides today to help put you on the path to financial freedom.

Risk Management

A key part of your living financial plan is ensuring that you minimise the risks involved and have contingencies for the unexpected. 

Our financial planning guides can identify, analyse and help you mitigate the risks along your journey to achieving your goals and objectives.  Examples of such mitigation measures may include structuring an investment portfolio in line with your risk tolerance (comfort) level, setting aside cash reserves for emergencies and transferring the risk to another party (insurance).

We will work with you to identify which personal risk management strategy will provide you the coverage and peace of mind that your unique situation demands.

We can help ensure that you, or your family, will continue to have the financial resources you need and lifestyle you want at the most crucial times without the forced loss of investments, superannuation or property.


Legacy Planning

Estate planning is all about putting the right structures in place to make sure your affairs and assets are managed and distributed the way you want and in an effective way.

Although it’s important to have a valid will, an estate plan covers several other areas such as appointing powers of attorney and guardianship to make decisions for you if you are incapacitated and many other aspects relating to the transfer of your wealth after you pass away. Family trusts and the tax implications for beneficiaries can all be managed with an estate plan.

Also, with blended families becoming more common in recent times, estate planning has become more important for those with complex family structures.

Whilst financial advisers cannot provide specific legal advice, we can help guide you and refer you to a legal professional who will help you put in place a robust estate plan.

Manage your wealth

Prepare for retirement

Protect your family

Management for your peace of mind.

Pure and simple, we’re here to help you map out your road to a financial security and a successful future (leaving no stone unturned). As your competent sounding board, we’ll work with you to discover, build and evaluate your best plan of action.